Stuart Nicks (Drums)

Born Stuart Christopher Cranfield, I was adopted within my family and Christened Stuart Christopher Nicks.


Raised in my birth town of Guildford, I have fond vivid memories of my mother's clickety clackerty knitting needles, these as it seemed made good makeshift drumsticks that i used to tap on any surface I could lay my hands on!


My Brother Kevin, was a massive influence in my initial love of music (two of his sons Ryan and Gary have become fantastic musicians in their own right). In my early teens he introduced me to the local Guildford live music scene at what was the Royal Public House in Stoughton Guildford. Such visits lead me to see local and global icons such as Richie Blackmore, John Coghlan's Diesel Band, Dumpy's Rusty Nuts and the most profound (to me) singer songwriter Jackie Lynton. A man who I still follow today, have become friends with and have the massive privilege to be supporting with Blues Jamm Project later on this year.


Once i had felt the live music scene I was hooked, I wanted to play! But what? Like many schoolboys, I wanted to play guitar, given my somewhat short stubby fingers i soon became acutely aware that this was not for me... so the one instrument I thought Id never play... the drums.


I first sat behind a drum kit in my late teens (thank you Simon Woodall its all your fault!!!) I was immediately hooked. Once my family arrived at the dawn of the naughtys I put my drumming on the back burner and I guessed shelved that dream, only to be reignited in 2008 with a call from a friend asking if i still had a kit. I didn't but through the magic of social media I blagged one. I then met and joined Nigel & Cliff, and with their support and encouragement, I joined Ten Thousand Rev's. That came to a natural end in 2014 and I knew my next project was going to be a blues band. It was early 2015 I started talking to Jorge, we met via a musicians dating site!


The rest as they say is history... I feel very proud, very excited and extremely honored to be working with not only very talented musicians but also truly lovely people too.


Watch this space playmates!!

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