Robin Churchill (Bass)

I began playing six string guitar in my teens, growing up in the seventies where I draw much of my inspiration.


From the end of the Beatles to the beginning of heavy rock with The Who, Led Zeppelin and Deep a Purple, I was always glued to the radio. I am indebted to Nicky Horne and ‘Your mother wouldn't like it,’ for introducing me to such diverse bands as Pink Floyd, the Damned and ZZ Top.


Top of the Pops gave me my weekly fix of glam rock from T Rex to David Bowie. Then came punk and I went electric. Whilst I dreamt of fronting the next big thing, my skills ran behind my ambition. ‘The Menacing Idiots,’ the brainchild of Mick Clark and myself were funny, loud and in our humble opinion, the best thing to come out of Kingsbury High school (Charlie Watts, George Michael and Courtney Pine notwithstanding)


As most anarchic-syndicalist movements of the time, it was doomed to failure, despite recording two albums and a live session, the band went their separate ways. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal came along and their talent and power forced me to shelve my musical ambition.


Many years later during a time of forced convalescence, I returned to playing and began with several cover bands, still playing rhythm guitar. Encouraged by my current wife’s considered opinion that my playing was a bit ‘plunky’ and inspired by The Simpsons when Homer dreaming of stardom, was steered towards the bass guitar by the sales assistant with the immortal words ”those stumpy yellow fingers were made to play the bass!” I decided to give it a go.


The freedom I found in picking up the bass changed my approach to music. I could now play more technically, approach a range of genres I had not considered and I threw myself back into playing live.


Stints with ‘Wet Dog,’ and ‘Badger’s Gifts,’ and ongoing side project ‘Donald Plectrum and the Swinging Squirrels,’ has seen me play everything from ballads to post-metal thrash, but my heart is in the blues. When Jorge came knocking and told me he had a slot for me with BJP, I jumped at it, not last because the band had a reasonably sensible name.


Playing with these guys “is like coming home,” as Fiona says. We all have such a grand time together and I hope that comes over when you come and see us. We love rocking the blues and Fiona and I share a passion for funk and some old school dance sounds so we always try to throw a little of that style in too.


See you at the next gig.

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