Fiona Sweeney (Vocals)

My musical passion began at a very young age as my mother and father introduced me to music on a regular basis, weekends were always dinner round the table as a family and music all night.

I had the privilege of going to the first Police gig at Hatfield polytechnic when I was 8 yrs old with my dad, then we went on as a family to go to most Supertramp gigs and ELO and many more.


I was always singing the lyrics from the back of record sleeves growing up and my dream was to one day be a singer songwriter.

I dabbled in and out of session singing and recorded quite a few tracks with various people. I also went on to create a band with three fantastic guys at the age of 20 called 'God's Little Acre,' we were a melodic rock band and did the great London circuit such as The Mean Fiddler, The Half Moon in Putney, The Red Lion in Brentford, The Borderline Central and we also supported a great band called the 'Fat Lady Sings,' at Kingston University and many more.

We then had other ideas and went on to do music separately. I continued session singing and then had a break.

Meeting my wonderful neighbour Jorge Martins in 2015 meant  that I'm now back singing and songwriting in our band, 'Blues Jamm Project.' Robin, Stuart and Jorge have become my musical brothers and we are a very happy family with such creative flare and fun throughout.

I look forward to our continued journey and ongoing success and meeting all our fans, old a new along the way.

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